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Because Juggalos need love too

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twelveoclocksiren-deactivated20 asked: I just read the post from the guy who tried to make being a Juggalo sound like a life they've been dealt as opposed to something they've chose to do with themselves. There is a probable reason as to why they are in the lower socioeconomic class: because serious, high paying companies don't hire employees who have ICP tattooes and their facebook page is covered in pictures of them with clown makeup. If you feel oppressed for your music tastes, stop making it your way of life. Love this tumblr!

Yeah, I mean, these are all people who have made a choice to like a particularly ridiculous band and create a culture around it. And I’m pretty sure they’re into people mocking them because it brings them closer as a family or something…a lot of juggalos seem to express that sentiment, anyway.

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